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Dive Sites

The shallow entrance to Fish Rock Cave framed by a gorgonian fan coral

The shallow cave entrance

Fish Rock Cave is our best known and most popular dive site but the Cave is just the beginning The surrounds of Fish Rock offer some spectacular dives and opportunities to view the abundant marine life that congregates around the Rock. Here are some of the dive sites that we visit around Fish Rock – remember we do the best dive for the day depending on the conditions and what you, the diver, wish to do.

Map of local dive sites

Dive Charters

Dive Charters

southern side

Grey nurse shark overhead

Grey nurse shark overhead

Fish Rock Cave:  depth 14 to 24 metres

Shark Gutters:  depth 16 to 35 metres

Fish Bommies:  depth 16 to 34 metres

Aquarium:  depth 6 to 18 metres

northern side

An amazingly beautiful lionfish watching the diver

An amazingly beautiful lionfish watching the diver

The Wall:  depth 0 to 40 metres

The Pinnacle:   depth 7 to 37 metres

Colorado Pass:  depth 7 to 37 metres

other local dive sites

Yellowtail schooling so thick you can't see where you're diving

Yellowtail schooling so thick you can’t see where you’re diving

Green Island:   depth 6 to 18 metres

Black Rocks:   depth 8 to 20 metres

Bait Reef:   depth 5 to 10 metres

Lady Reef:   depth 7 to 10 metres

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