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Dive Charters

We usually run double dives out to our dive sites choosing the best dive sites depending on weather conditions, diver experience and of course diver preferences!! We understand that most divers are keen to dive Fish Rock Cave for at least one of the two dives and plan accordingly.

January 2012

the water has warmed up to 24deg, the vis is 20+mts, 40+shark, school holidays Australia day. summer in all its glory, time to go scuba diving

Terror by name, pleasure by nature

The dive boat, Terror, which offers the latest in dive pleasure and comfort capability.The sleek 8m catamaran by Sailfish has two new 140 hp – environmentally friendly four-stroke engines, making your dive enjoyable with no two stroke fumes and a lot less nose and vibration. Sporting a 2.8m beam, this is one stable dive boat, with loads of space.

A typical day

We spend the surface interval on the boats during which time we provide light refreshments. Our usual bottom time for dives is 45-60 minutes each dive and most dives are multilevel. We highly recommend use of personal dive computers to allow you maximum flexibility in your dive plan. Our highly experienced staff are on hand to assist you with your dive planning and we provide at least one and often two dive guides on every dive boat. However we do not expect divers to dive or finish their dives in a group; buddy pairs are welcome to dive to their own individual dive plan. We keep our dive groups small and personal – no cattle truck here!!

When we dive

Charters are usually available 7 days a week. Prior booking is always a good idea to ensure you are not disappointed but if you suddenly find yourself free for a dive do get in touch! If you have particular requirements please let us know and if we are able to accommodate you we will do so happily.

July 2011 Face Book Gallery

sharks sharks sharks lucky thay are friends

Boat diving procedures

We meet at the Dive Centre approximately 30 minutes before departure (we will let you know what time we need you to be here). This allows time for tank fills, gear hire distribution, setting up dive gear, loading of gear onto the boats, departure instructions, etc. Dive meet times vary, usually between 7am and 8am depending on the particular charter. Contact us at least one day prior to your booked dive for up to date meet times.

Departure time can vary, depending on the amount of dives planned for that day, weather conditions, time of year, etc.

Filling air or enriched tanks

If you require enriched fills and/or tanks please contact us in advance. Usually we need tanks and/or notice by 5pm the day before your dive. If you need airfills for your dive you are welcome to drop your tanks in the day before (or earlier) before your dive.

What you need to bring

Your dive cards or certifcations, log books so you can record you dive at fish rock.

What you need to bring – some sun screen and a hat are a good idea during warmer weather, and a warm top and hat during the cooler months will keep you warm when you are not in the water. Don’t forget your camera for those elusive whale shots! And remember we have underwater cameras for hire too – let us know if you would like one – they are designed to be very easy to use and have a choice of wide angle and macro lenses for a range of shots.

What’s on board – storage area for safe accommodation of any equipment e.g. valuable camera gear; emergency first aid equipment, including oxygen; and spare dive gear. We also provide a variety of hot and cold refreshments during the surface interval.

April 2012

water is warm 24 deg, sharks still schooled up, but the turtles are out and about, the numbrays have come up from the deep, they put buzz back in to this

Returning to shore

When do we return – usually a double dive trip will have a turn around of approx 5 hours but of course this depends a little bit on prevailing weather conditions and how long we dive for – oh and during the winter if we do a spot of whale watching on the way home! If you are meeting at the dive centre (see above) at for example 8 am you will probably return at approx 1pm/1.30pm.

Wash down and gear storage

On return to the dive centre we provide washing facilities for your dive gear and we have a secure drying shed for divers use – whether or not you are staying in our on site accommodation or elsewhere. Our showers are also available for your use when you return. And of course we have logbook stamps for the loggers amongst us. If you are staying elsewhere you are still welcome to use our drying shed to store/dry your equipment after your dives.


We need to see your certification card and log book so that we can find out a little more about your diving experience to help make your dives with us more comfortable and enjoyable. The safety of our divers is paramount to us.

Email fish rock dive centre