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A white grey nurse

White grey nurse shark

White grey nurse shark

Angus Green – Macleay Argus

A WHITE shark is swimming around Fish Rock at South West Rocks. However, unlike it’s man-eating cousin, this shark is nicknamed “labrador of the sea”. An albino grey nurse shark- just like a grey nurse shark, except it’s white – was spotted by divers hanging around with his grey brothers and sisters last week.

Divers from Fish Rock Dive Centre were diving at the famous dive spot last week, and captured the albino shark on film. Dive shop owner Jon Cragg said it was the most amazing thing he had seen underwater. “We were just cruising around doing a normal dive, when I saw this ghostly shape cruise past almost out of visibility,” he said. “The shape circled around and passed by a lot closer, and I realised it was an albino grey nurse shark, it was beautiful. “It really was like a ghost, and the other sharks hardly paid it any attention. “I surfaced, told the other divers what I had seen and before we knew it the water was filled with cameras and excited thumbs-up signals. “It was just bloody incredible.”

Fellow diver Larry Anderson said he dives for many reasons, but seeing a natural wonder every once in a while tops it off for him. “In this ever-shrinking world, it is incredible to still see something few people, if anyone else, have ever seen,” he said seriously. “I don’t know if this is a world first, but it’s certainly a first for me, and I have been diving for years.”

Jon documented the details of the shark and sent a photo through to the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, and is waiting on word to come through of this amazing animal.

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