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The EAC man

The EAC man

The East Australian Current (EAC) is an ocean current that moves warm water from the tropical Coral Sea, down the east coast of Australia. The powerful flow of the East Australian Current is like an undersea highway. Many creatures can be found commuting in this current, including the majestic Sea turtle. It is the largest ocean current close to the shores of Australia. It can reach speeds of up to seven knots in some of the shallower waters along the Australian continental shelf, but is generally measured at two to three knots.

Fish Rock is world-renowned as one of the top dive sites within Australia and indeed the world.  The team at Fish Rock Dive Centre love what they do and can’t wait to introduce new and experienced divers alike to this beautiful underwater world where colourful tropical species meet with their unique temperate counterparts. 

South West Rocks is the closest point of the mainland to the eastern Australian continental shelf and as such diversity abounds here, making Fish Rock a truly spectacular and unforgettable dive site.  Critically endangered grey nurse sharks, graceful rays, inquisitive eels, three species of turtles, vividly coloured nudibranchs and curious batfish are just some of the animals encountered here that make diving this wildlife mecca an unforgettable experience

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