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Whale Watching at South West Rocks

whales twin breach

whales twin breach

Had an amazing day whale watching today, had about 6-8 whales travelling back home, mum her calf and entourage of 4 humpback whales showing off their skills of breaching.

It was a fantastic spring day, sun shining a light sea breeze in the morning, not much swell as we are heading out to Fish Rock we found some whales just past the gaol around Smoky Cape at South West Rocks. The Humpback whales not doing too much just make their way home after about 10 minute we made our way to Fish Rock for some diving.

During the dive break  we saw the whales again the same one’s but had a little more go in them this time, they were breaching over and over again, they keep going a truly inspiring experience for all.

whales South West Rocks

whales South West Rocks

From April through to November the waters off South West Rocks are a temporary home for migrating whales and their calves.  This provides ideal opportunities to observe majestic humpback whales, Southern right whales, pilot whales and dolphins, and as such whale-watching charters are available upon request.

Make the call get some friends together and come whale watching just $50 per person contact Jon at Fish Rock make it happen.

Email fish rock dive centre