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G’day from Fish Rock Dive Centre

3rd October 2006

Yes the diving just gets better, after a couple of nasty days of diving, the water turned blue and warm, we had 25mtr + vis, 20deg water not to bad (pretty dam good I Say) for October, went down and checked the anchor looked up had my divers on the left and a couple of great Queensland Gropers on the right, took some great shots around the exposed pinnacle, we went around the pinnacle found about 10 Gray Nurse Sharks just hanging around, a couple of big Turtles.

On the way back to Green Island we had to stop, the traffic was unbelievable 20min we waited for about 20 Humpback Whales to go past, I got some fantastic photos, full breaches.

The next dive at Green Island we were all a little excited after the last 2 hours, just about to jump in and we had a visit from a whale calf and it’s mum about 20mts, just cruising along, any how back to the dive, yes it just gets better we had about 20 Gray Nurse Sharks hanging around, another Big Queensland Groper, Bull Rays, Bait Fish running (swimming) around everywhere and at the end we had a goodbye for now from a school of Bull Nose Rays, a nice way to finish a days adventure at Fish Rock.

Compilation of great photos from this week

Compilation of great photos from this week

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