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Amazing free dive through fish rock cave

Amazing free dive attempt through fish rock cave AS SEEN ON 60 MINUTES

Climbing a rope to the bottom of the ocean

Climbing a rope to the bottom of the ocean

A world-first freediving challenge is about to be attempted. Freediving instructor and AMCS supporter, Mike Wells, will be attempting to freedive Fish Rock Cave, Australia’s longest ocean cave, on a single breath. This extraordinary event was to take place on July 26th 2009, but was postponed due to bad weather. Mike will be attempting this dive on August 5th 2009. Stay tuned…

See the 60 minutes article about the free dive attempt on their website…

Mike’s motivation is both personal and charitable. The swim has been an ambition of his for years and will be an endeavour to raise funds for our precious ocean wildlife. AMCS campaigns to protect places such as Fish Rock Cave, a critical habitat of the endangered grey nurse shark.

A message from Mike

The beauty and simplicity of free diving

The beauty and simplicity of free diving

“Fish Rock Cave is Australia’s longest ocean cave and is also one of the largest natural aggregation sites for the endangered grey nurse shark. This site has been close to my heart for years, it is very easy to fall in love with these majestic animals. To swim through the cave on a single breath will be spectacular, the cave is the habitat of hundreds of lobsters and other marine species who call this dark wondrous cave their home. To interact through the cave in the most natural way possible will be nothing short of an amazing and privileged experience.

There is a lot to take in in just one breath

There is a lot to take in in just one breath

Starting at the deepest side of the tunnel 26m deep, I will traverse through a pitch-black tunnel to the chimney packed with fish and crustaceans and wobbegong sharks, over the dogleg ridge and down to the 60m tunnel of darkness that is home to many green turtles.

The residing dizzying array of fish and life as you burst through to the light is an overwhelming sensation, another 30-40m to the fresh air at the shallow entrance to the cave at 10m deep. The cave is also home the largest aggregation site of grey nurse shark in Australia, deservedly one of the greatest underwater experiences in the world.

I am hoping to raise funds awareness and funds for the Australian Marine Conservation Society, an organisation that put heart and soul into helping our oceans and its inhabitants. Pledge your support today.”

Cross Section Diagram of Fish Rock Cave

A cross section of fish rock cave showing the magnitude of the attempted free dive

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